OpCode IDE

OpCode Integrated Development Environment is available for download now!
This tool allows you develop projects using assembly code for 8-bit and 16-bit based processors, like Z80, MOS Technology 6502, General Instrument CP1610, among others. This software is based on the Netbeans Platform.


    • Assembly code editor with syntax highlight
    • Structured project management (sources, resources, build)
    • Embedded compilers*
    • External clean, build and run options
    • Embedded Binary File Editor and Sprite Editor
    • Internationalized (english, spanish and portuguese)
    • Several plugins available (c language syntax highlight, git, etc)
    • Free!!! No Ads and no restrictions of use!

Some real screenshots from OpCode IDE:

Hope you enjoy!

* The embedded Z80 compiler is the Glass compiler by Laurens Holst. More information about Glass can be found here.

Download (version 0.2.02):

See the 0.2.02 release notes here.
Note: to run OpCode IDE you must have the Java JRE installed in your computer. Java JRE download avaialble here.

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